Business Licence

Under the Licencing of Trade, Business, Industry and other Professions By-laws (Jempol Disrict Council) 1981, a person who wishes to set up any trade, business, industry or profession in the area under the jurisdiction of Jempol District Council, must obtain a licence from the President and pay a specified sum of money. Approval of the business licence is dependent on the decision of the Traffic, Stalls and Licencing Permanent Committee Meeting and duly endorsed at the Council Meeting.

Application for Business Licence

A person who wishes to apply for a business licence must submit his application via a form to the Jempol District Council. The form is available at the Council's office. The application must be accompanied with a copy of his identity card and three copies of passport-size photograph.

Every application submitted will be processed and forwarded to the relevant technical departments such as the Fire and Rescue Department, Health Department, Land Office, Royal Malaysian Police, Department of Environmental and Public Works Department for their comments. These comments are important in the decision making process for approval of the business licence. The result will be notified in writing to the applicant within less than three months. Notwithstanding the above, the Jempol District Council can issue a temporary licence to the applicant if, in the discretion of the council, the type of business is not critical so as to enable the applicant to carry out the operation while waiting for the actual approval of the licence.


The licence holders of any business premises within the operational area of MDJL are required to follow all the requirements and regulations imposed by MDJL from time to time. Failure to abide by any regulation as stated may result in their licences become invalid, cancelled and suspended by the President at any time without giving any reason.