Source of Powers


The sauce of authority for Jempol District Council, in general, is stipulated under the Local Government Acts, 1976 (act 171) via a Government Gazette dated August 10, 1980. Apart from that, there are other acts, ordinance, circulars and circular letters relating to Local Authorities as stated below which are enforceable from time to time:


  1. Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (Act 133)(Akta 133)

  2. Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171)

  3. Road Transport Act 1987 – Slow Moving Vehicles Ordinance (Road Users Restriction) (MDJL) 1999

  4. Road Transport Act 1987 – Road Traffic Ordinance (Metered Car Park) Jempol District Council (Amendment) 1999

  5. Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172)