Argo-Tourism Product

Eco-tourism product are products related to the use of natural environment of a specific area. Although Jempol District does not have much of its forest reserve, there are still areas with potential to be converted as a source for tourism activities, rest and recreational, educational activities, and research. For Jempol District, the areas that has potential for development are :-

  • Hutan Lipur Serting Ulu
  • De Bana Forest Part
  • Panjang Rapid Area
  • Forest Research Area
  • Ulu Serting Cave Area
  • Canoeing at Serting River

Ulu Serting Forest Park
This tourist attraction is located in Ulu Serting area which is about 8 km from Batu Kikir Town. Ulu Serting Forest Park is situated in Compartment 23 and 24 of Sering Forest Reserve. It is made up of Dipterokarp Pamah, rich with varieties flora and fauna added with the uniqueness of the stones that can be observed by walking along the available forest huts. Some basic amenities was build by the State Forest Department, in the form of rest huts, food stalls, and bathing pond for the comfort of visitors.

Ulu Serting Forest Park


De Bana Forest Park

This forest park is situation in compartment 129, Pasom Forest Reserve on the road to Triang Town, Pahang. The forest park got its name from a river that flows through the middle of the forest park, that is Bana River. The forest is made up of Dipterokarp Pamah, rich with varieties vegetations including wild orchids, herbs such as ‘Tongkat Ali' and ‘Kacip Fatimah'. The hilly terrain offers ready-made areas for rough activities such as jungle trekking and hill climbing. Here too, there are basic amenities built by the Forest Department. Among the amenities available are rest huts, toilets, camping sites, and forest huts to facilitate visitors in appreciating the fresh natural environment .


Photo :Scene at De Bana Forest Park


Photo :Hut available at the Forest Park

Photo : Some of the amenities available at the Forest Park Photo : Supporting element at De Bana Forest Park