Display of Advertisement

According to the Advertisements By-laws (Negeri Sembilan Local Authorities) 1992, no one is permitted to put up any advertisement without a licence issued by the Council, except for certain advertisements which are exempted under the by-laws 18. The term advertisement also refers to banners, buntings and any forms of advertisement which are abolished under the said by-laws.

Application for Display of Advertisement

Anyone who wishes to make an application to display an advertisement must make sure that the language used is Bahasa Malaysia and it is correctly written. If there is more than one language to be used apart from Bahasa Malaysia, the excerpt in Bahasa Malaysia must be given its prominence and the size of wordings bigger than other languages. If this condition is not complied with, the above application will be rejected forthwith

Each application for approval to display an advertisement must be made via a specific form available at the office of Jempol District Council. For advertisements in the forms of banner or bunting, the applicant is required to bring along the actual advertisements during application stage for inspection. The approval will be given immediately once the officer in-charge is satisfied with the proposed advertisement. The Council will issue an approval tag and such tag will be displayed on every piece of banner or bunting forwarded by the applicant.  Advertisement boards which shall be placed onto the premises are not required to be brought along during the application. Fees will be charged depending on the type, size and quantity of advertisement to be displayed. The licence to display any advertisement shall be issued for a period of one year and it must be renewed upon expiry. However, only one month validity period is given for those of banner and bunting. If the applicant intends to renew the licence he must bring back the said banner or bunting to the Council. The Council will only approve the renewal if such banner and bunting are clean and in good condition.


The advertisements displayed shall not obstruct the traffic. Those advertisements placed at the private premises or properties not belonging to the Jempol District Council will require a prior permission from the owner. The banner or bunting must be brought down by the applicant upon expiry of the licence. If such banner or bunting is found to be expired or without approval tag, the Council shall take step to dismantle and confiscate the deposit money paid by the applicant. A penalty shall be imposed against those who wish to get back the dismantled advertisement.